November 10, 2011

Again with the WTHWIT?!

Recently, while my back was turned (just for a minute I swear!), Colin emerged from the kitchen with this in his mouth. "Mama, look! I'm eating too many butters." he said proudly. Yep, that's a pound of butter he's feeding his face with as if it were a chocolate bar.

You would think based on recent blog posts that my child is suffering from some sort of dietary deficiency. I swear we feed him balanced meals. Or at least attempt to. Is it my fault if he will only eat things that are white or yellow? Perhaps we would get farther with his palate if we covered everything in salt and butter?


Orla said...

ha ha! Sean loves butter too. Any chance that he can get his dips his hand into the tub. At least Colin is eating real butter : )

Anonymous said...

My kid does this too. We buy butter in sticks, which I suppose limits her intake to some extent.


Vicky said...

HaHaHa. Sorry but I have to laugh. They say these things are send to test us!