November 8, 2011

At Six Months ...

My sweet baby is six months old! I can't believe he's been with us half a year already. Nor can I believe that my maternity leave is already half over. (Sigh)

But let's talk about happier thing. Let me tell you about my sweet boy. At six months Archer weighs about 18 pounds and is ridiculously tall. Sadly, I can't tell you exactly how tall he is nor much he weighs because I missed our six-month doctor's appointment on Friday. I just plum forgot. Let's just say he's big. About three pounds heavier than his "big brother" was at the same age, and he's already wearing size 12 months clothes. And I love my big, little boy. Especially those chubby cheek and those chunky thighs. I could just eat 'em! 

Now let's talk about how talented my boy is. For the past month or more he's been rolling over and putting things in his mouth, but now he's putting everything in his mouth. Nothing is safe. He's been banished from the dinner table at present because I'm tired of my dinner ending up in my lap.

He's also moved on from rolling to skooching. In fact, yesterday while my back was turned he skooched from the living room, across the hall, and into the dining room. Sure, it was backwards, but there's no doubt about it: My baby is mobile.

Unfortunately, this new mobility means that it's no longer safe for Archer to sleep in the bed with us, so this week we've been transitioning him to a crib next to our bed. And while that hasn't been fun--that first night he cried for about an hour--it hasn't been as hard as I thought either. Now he goes to sleep after just a minute or two of light whining. And more importantly, it's given me a break because he's no longer nursing continuously all night! Hopefully a "good" night's sleep will soon be had by all.

Now if we could just get Colin to sleep through the night ...

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Vicky said...

Happy half birthday Archer.
Mobile babies are the turning point. They go from being cute, adorable and unmoving to being into everything, falling over them, little monsters. Logan is desperate to move forwards instead of sideways but always just ends up "carpet swimming" in fristration. x