November 20, 2014

Those days...

This is just a reminder to myself that even on those days when I want to blow my top and lose my mind 50 times before 10:00 a.m., there are still the occasional moments of joy...

November 9, 2014

The Memphis Botanic Garden

Recently, our family discovered the most fabulous place on Earth: the Memphis Botanic Garden.

We've been traveling to Memphis as a family every other week this fall for Colin's piano lesson, so to make the trip more fun for all of us, we've been exploring the family-friendly parts of the city. We stumbled upon the botanic gardens quite by accident.

I was just looking for somewhere to enjoy a picnic on a crisp fall day. But, lo and behold!, the gardens were filled with the most magical playscapes the kids and I had ever encountered. We never even made it into the gardens-proper. Here's why:

October 13, 2014

A little trip to Little Rock

This past weekend, the kids and I took a little road trip to Little Rock, leaving Kevin at home in Oxford to get some work done. I love that we live close enough—just a four-hour drive—to my friends and family back home, that I can bop over just about any time I feel like it. And even though we were all battling illness the whole weekend, we had a pretty great time: playing in Mae Mae's big back yard, visiting the Children's Museum, and the Arkansas State Fair, and just generally bumming around. We might have to go next month, too. Although, then I will be sure to bring Kevin with me. No only did he miss all the fun in Little Rock, he also missed getting lost in the Mississippi Delta, a sudden puke-stop with a sick three year old, and two hours of Virginia's screaming.