April 8, 2009

More Crafty Mama

Well, after the success of my first sewing project, I wanted to tackle something a little more difficult. At my mom's encouragement, I bought a pattern for a this sling-purse at my neighborhood quilting store. (How much do I love it that I now live in a neighborhood that boasts an independent quilting store?!)

The pattern is by Amy Butler, who's something of an indie-sewing guru, and the store even carried her retro fabric line, so I could make a bag just like the one depicted in the picture. (I'm not yet to the point of wanting to be "creative" in my crafting.) So after plunking down far more change than it would have cost to buy such a bag in a boutique, I had my pattern and my fabric and got straight to work while Mae Mae was still around to hold Colin.

The pattern was labeled "beginner," but let me tell you, it's a good thing my mother, who is an excellent seamstress, was around to help me decipher some of this pattern's cryptic instructions. A "gusset" may seem easy enough for a beginner, but not the way Miss Amy Butler describes it. I ripped out more seams than I care to mention.
In the end, though, I have what I think is a very pretty spring purse -- but an even more better diaper bag! Master Colin certainly approves.


the Collector said...

And can I just add that some woman stopped me on the street the other day and asked me where I got my "super-cute" diaper bag! "Why, I made it myself," I said ... casually.

Vicky said...

That looks great and it's great when you get a compliment on your handywork.
I would love the "little stitches" book, but I would need another baby to justify that!!!
I've not yet used my Amy Butler pattern, I hope its simple enough because I am not very good. I just about manage skirts. x.