April 8, 2009

It's a zoo around here!

With a newborn, a cat and a very high-strung dog, it is getting to be a zoo around here. A routine morning at our house begins at a quarter-to-six with a baby fussing to be fed, followed by cat jumping on our bed, fussing to be fed, followed by a dog scratching at his crate ... fussing to be fed. And before Kevin and I have even fed ourselves, they are finished and running around the house wrecking havoc. (Well, not the baby. He can't run yet.)

The biggest challenge of all for the resident zookeepers is trying to teach the animals that Colin's toys are not communal toys. It's hard when toy manufacturers make both animal toys and babies toys so similar: softy, squeaky and chewable. At the moment, the favorite toy in the house, for all three creatures, is the play gym. Needless to say, the furry creatures have to be shut out of the room before this toy comes out. But here's what it looks like when they're not:


matilda said...

The third picture is too cute for words! It's like Remy can't WAIT to Colin is big enough to herd around the house. Adorable.

the Collector said...

No kidding. He is already trying to herd the stroller on our walks. And if Kevin and Colin fall behind, Remy with stop and do the "Border-collie crouch" until they catch up with us.