March 26, 2009

Mae Mae revisited

Mae Mae came back to visit us over her Spring Break this week, and she flatters us by remarking how much bigger Colin has grown -- and how much smaller his mama has grown.

Unlike the last visit, when it was -20 and Colin was just a week old, we were able to get out and about this time. Mae Mae took us shopping and out to dinner (although we got turned away at the first place, because apparently you can't take babies into a pub. Who knew?!). She went with us to get Colin his first shots -- and held me and tried to stop my crying, while I held Colin and tried to stop his crying.

But best of all, Mae Mae was happy to hold Colin most of the week and free up his mama hands for the things she's been neglecting for the past two months: cleaning the house, writing thank-you notes, and tackling some sewing projects she started on Mae Mae's last visit. Mae Mae had to teach us how to sew all over again, but this time I think it's going to stick. And I can't wait to unveil all the cool things we created ...

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