March 31, 2009


Colin discovered his thumb this week, and at first we were so excited. He's never taken to a pacifier, and after so many friends and relatives cautioned us to avoid pacifiers, I never really encouraged it. Instead, I just had to offer up myself whenever he needed something to suck. Now he finally had a way to self-soothe! But this week at our New Moms class, we had a visit from a child dental expert, and apparently the experts now believe that pacifier sucking is preferable to thumb sucking because pacifiers do less damage to tooth development. Also, thumbs have the added advantage of always being there when you need them. Well, now you tell us!

So all week long I've been trying to introduce the pacifier, but to no avail. He just spits it right out and looks at me with the most hurt expression: "Mom, how can you do this to me," he seems to say. And so I give up, and let him have his thumb. I'm such a sucker. Only now, I discover that my little connoisseur also turns his nose up at bottle nipples. Apparently nothing but the real thing will do for this little boy. But this will not do for his mama, who occasionally needs a night away from the house to rejuvenate herself. So if you have any idea how to introduce "fake" nipples to a two-month old, please let me know!

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