December 28, 2014

On Christmas Day in the morning

I wish I could say that Christmas Day was the most wonderful time of the year—but not this year. We were visiting my parents in Little Rock. But my mom was sick—and was later hospitalized—for pneumonia. My dad was exhausted. And my brother decided to spend most of the day rock climbing.

But I'm not sure this mattered to my kids, who had the best day ever despite all that. We tried very hard this year to only get them each a handful of gifts, and chose those really wisely based on what each kid most enjoyed. And I think we pretty much hit the mark.

That, plus the general magic of the holiday with all the decorations and family get togethers with cousins they only get to see a couple of times a year, glossed over the less fun parts—at least for them. And their joy, in turn, lifted a few spirits. At least for me. Bless them!

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