February 2, 2014

A gender-neutral baby quilt

The baby I made this quilt for was just born yesterday! And despite the colour scheme, Baby A is most definitely a baby girl. But her mother Shannon, my good friend, asked for a baby quilt that was gender-neutral, with no pink or purple in it.

No pink or purple?! I was at a loss. After two boys, I am all over the pink and purple for Miss Virginia. Yet, Shannon was not the first of my friends to have a baby girl and want to avoid all of that girlie-ness, and I was happy to comply. After all, I want my handiwork to be *used*.

So I asked Shannon to choose her own fabric bundle from a quilting website I know and trust, and this is what she chose. At first I was a little skeptical. Those are some really dark solids and bold geometric patterns in there! But I went to work using the same baby quilt pattern I've used again and again, and, you know, I think it really works! In the end it was a total pleasure sewing fabrics that are unlike anything I would ever choose, and it expanded my fabric vocabulary a bit.

Most of all, I'm glad that Shannon gets something she will like and use for Baby A, whom I can already tell is going to be a very stylish and well-loved baby girl. (And thanks to Virginia to modelling Baby A's quilt, since Baby A is 2,500 miles away and probably not even home from the hospital yet!)

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Unknown said...

So beautiful, Sarah!!!