January 12, 2012

Siblings, siblings

We're back in Edmonton after a quick and very last-minute trip to Toronto to visit Kevin's family. Kevin's younger brother, Chris, just got engaged to a very nice girl named Sujin who was visiting, and this was our one chance to see them both before they return to South Korea to live for a few years. 

Since this was the first and only time that we were likely to have "all" the family together for a while, I thought that it warranted a picture--bad sweaters and all. Kevin's mom, Shirley, is really big on family, having been an only child herself and having lost her mom at a young age.  I know it really pains her that both her sons live so far away and that she only gets to see her grandchildren once in a blue moon. So a photo of us all is about the best present I can give her.

Similarly, Shirley's gift to me was the reminder that the hard years of raising very young children really do go by so quickly. Before I know it, Colin and Archer will be living thousands of miles away, consumed with raising their own families, and I'll never get to see them enough. I promise to think about while I'm out tonight enjoying some much-needed time away from my family ;)

In the meantime, here's to siblings--and coordinated outfits:

Kevin (right) with Chris, circa 1978.

Me, with my brother, Stark, circa 1984.

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Vicky said...

Don't remind that they are going to grow up and move millions of miles away! Even if sometime the wind me up to the point where I wish they already were! Lol. At least I can look forward to reunions like this one. I don't get them being an only child, but I will make a point to have them when my girls are grown. x