November 2, 2011

Autumn in Arkansas

The boys and I just got back from two-and-a-half weeks visiting family and friends in Arkansas, and because I timed our visit just right we got to have Archer's christening, see my brother (who now lives out of state), go to a cousin's wedding, and see a best friend's newborn baby.

We also got to see Autumn twice this year, both here in Edmonton and back home in Arkansas. It was the first time I have seen an Arkansas Autumn in many years, and I had forgotten how beautiful it can be. Unlike our Edmonton Autumns that are bright yellow, Arkansas Autumns are a pale gold and deep red. The grass stays green and the days are still warm. The late-summer roses are blooming, and the garden is full of butterflies, including the shy Monarch, who wouldn't stick around to be photographed. Most of all, the air is teaming with noises: of birds, crickets, and various other critters.

Aside from seeing so much of my friends and family, the best part, for me, is getting to relax in my family's home, where there are fresh flowers in every room and someone else does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry. It's almost like going to a hotel, but with old family photographs on the walls instead of generic art. And needless to say, without the expense!

Back home in Edmonton now, winter is already in full swing. The trees are bare and the mornings quite cold. But all I have to do is look through these photographs from home and it warms my bones a little.

And a big Thank-You to my parents for making it all possible!


Victoria said...

Love the pics! And I'm jealous you went to the Fair. I haven't done that in ages. -- Vikki

Vicky said...

Glad you had a great rip and fitting in so many things. Hope you soaked up lots of autumn warmth ready for winter.x