September 27, 2011

These days ...

These days I'm loving:

... our beautiful Indian summer and soaking up every last drop of sunshine before the end of the season.

... the changing Fall colours: red, orange, yellow, brown.

... "Pink Lady" and "Tie Dye"--those delicious tomatoes that did finally turn thanks to an extra week of warmth.

... Tomato Salad--every day for as long as I can.

... Sophie Giraffe--the only thing that keeps my littlest boy happy through this long bout of teething.

... the last minute Dollar Store purchase that was just the right toy for right now.

... little boys--and little boys who love being brothers.

What are you loving these days?


Rachel said...

I am loving the flutters in my belly. Oh, and nectarines!

Sarah said...

How exciting! (And I have to agree on the nectarines. I'm having one every day for lunch, too.)