September 29, 2011

At Four Months ...

My baby is four months old! OK, really he's just a week shy of five months, but who's counting? Certainly not this mama for whom time has flown by much too fast. Yesterday, we took Archer to be weighed and measured, and he weighed in 16.5 lbs and 25 inches long--definitely not in the feather-weight division any more!

 It amazes me how quickly they go from little babies to big babies, just a couple of months really. For the past month or so Archer has been sitting up in his Bumbo chair and the exersaucer (or the "Neglector" as some of my mama-friends call it), holding himself up on his forearms, and grasping toys (and putting them in his mouth). He watches everything we do and often chimes in on our conversations with grunts and gurgles. And did I mention the giggles? This is one ticklish baby, and nothing delights his big brother more than causing him to break into those glorious peels of baby-laughter.

 Such a happy, contented baby. I guess that's something at least that hasn't changed at all.

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Vicky said...

It is scary how fast they grow up. I miss "baby" logan too. Its their little tiny noses I miss, all small, hard with little white spots on. I love those noses and miss them when they are gone. x