August 23, 2011


Item No. 3 in the "What-the-Hell-Was-I-Thinking" Department: Forgetting to shut the basement door, after which Colin went downstairs and proceeded to empty an economy-size bag of dog food on the floor and then mixed it with the entire contents of our tool box. I'm sure the dog will be thrilled.

The first thing you might be wondering is why, with two small children in the house, do we own 10,000 tiny screws and nails? A very good question. We now own only 10 screws and nails.

Secondly, you might be wondering where I was while this transpired: Putting Archer to sleep. Hey, can't be in two places at once, you know.

Finally, you might be wondering how I managed not to hear this? Well, because I was running the washer, the dryer, and the dishwasher all at the same time in preparation of our trip to Calgary this afternoon. This is significant because we have faulty plumbing, which causes water to pool on the basement floor. So, you guessed it: soggy dog food!

Miraculously, I did manage to clean it all up before we had to leave town, including the dog food he put in the dryer along with my wet clothes.

But the real question is: How did I manage not to kill my son?

What was the worst thing your kid ever did?


Rachel said...

Not having any children (yet!), I cannot answer your question. But I can tell you one of the worst things I did: "redecorate" the bathroom with band-aids, lipstick, and nail polish. Yeah, I am sure my mom loved cleaning that up.

Fortunately, the bathroom wall was tiled higher than I could reach, which hopefully made the clean-up easier.

Lynn said...

Oh no! Sarah, what a bad day. Excellent self-restraint that you did not kill your son. I ask myself what is the worst thing my kid has done... and I'm coming up with nothing to compare to your story. Yet.

Vicky said...

You are turning into super mom now though because you managed to clean it all up! The worse thing my kids currently do is breathe... these school holidays have been long and torturous! ;o)