August 21, 2011

At Three Months ...

... Archer weighs 16 pounds and is already into the 6-9 month clothes.
... can sit up (with assistance) and wants to sit up and watching the world around him all the time.
... is so wiggly that I've had to start swaddling him again at bedtime.
... has started taking a pacifier and going to bed on his own, in his bassinet.
... wakes up full of things to say and delights us with his gurgles all through breakfast.
... has a big belly laugh that gets everyone else in the house laughing.
... is still the sweetest, easiest baby I have ever encountered and a constant joy and delight. Truly.

1 comment:

Vicky said...

He's so cute.
Logan has recently discovered her bumbo as well so she sit up and be involved.