May 16, 2011

My Mother's Day

Yes, I know Mothers' Day was last weekend (even up here in Canada we observe it the first weekend in May), but you'll forgive me if I was not quite up to blogging two days after having a baby. Although it was an "easy" labour, it was still labour. So on Sunday, after my oxytocin rush wore off, I decided to spend the entire day in bed, which is exactly where every mother ought to get to spend her annual holiday.

I was only able to do this, though, because my own mother was in town for the week and was doing the laundry, making the meals, walking the dog, entertaining the toddler, cleaning up the garden for spring, and fetching me things every half hour. So, alas, there was no break for her on Mothers' Day, but I hope she felt it was a day well spent nonetheless. I know I could not have been more grateful to share the day with her.

For the past two years I've had a little tradition on this blog for posting a Mothers' Day portrait, but I'm afraid I didn't quite manage one this year. I've not yet figured out how to orchestrate a photoshoot that involves two babies, neither of whom is crying, and a mama who isn't showing double chins. Instead, I'm leaving it to the professionals, and next weekend I have a friend coming to photograph the family.

So in the absence of my own portrait, I thought I'd post some portraits of my own mother on Mothers' Day: Here's to the incomparable Marianne. Please come back soon!

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Vicky said...

Happy Mothers day to you and your mum.
Your mums photo is lovely. You have good genes.