July 18, 2009

The Zoo!

Also while we were home, we paid a visit to the Little Rock Zoo, a favorite haunt when I was a kid, but some place I don't think I've visited in the past 20 years. Remarkably, everything was the same, just smaller. It was as if I had eaten one of Alice's currant cakes and grown twenty feet high.

We went with our friends Sarah and Katie's two kids, Lily and Andy, and it was so much fun watching them watch all the animals. We visited the big cat house and the elephants and giraffes. (Incidentally, the old elephant, Ellen, has been there since my mom was a little girl.) We road the train and saw the live bird show. I even road a camel, as I had done as a child. I had forgotten how smelly they are.

I don't think Colin thought much of it. It was incredibly hot and humid -- even at nine o'clock in the morning -- and he mostly just wilted in his stroller. But next time, next time...

Some photos courtesy of Ms. Razer:

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