July 19, 2009

Colin's christening

Colin's christening was on June 21st -- Father's Day -- and we had a huge turn out of family and friends for the two-part event. First up was the christening itself at our family church, the First United Methodist Church of Little Rock. Three generations of ladies were turned out in their hats (even yours truly), and Dad wore his vintage seersucker suit. Colin looked absolutely adorable in his christening gown and bonnet. (I wish I could dress him in it every day!)

It was a really nice ceremony, even though Colin cried the entire time the minister was pouring the water over his head. Normally, babies are just "sprinkled" with water in our church, but we were using the family christening cups, which have been christening generations of our family for at least two hundred years, and so Colin was thoroughly drenched, poor boy.

After the church service, we had a beautiful luncheon at Aunt Matilda's house, with no less than fifty friends and family. It was such a whirlwind event, with so many people to see, that I didn't have a chance to take any photos. So if you have any from the afternoon, please send me copies. Here's all I've managed to collect from folks so far.

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