July 10, 2009

Tummy Time

As I mentioned in Colin's five-month report, he is finally learning to enjoy "tummy time," that crazy fetish of early child-development specialists that dictates that you put your infant on his tummy as much as possible, even before he can hold his head up. All babies hate this, and scream and cry until you give in and turn them over. (Oh, but you're not supposed to put them on their tummies during naptime, which is when they actually want to be lying face-down.)

Well, all that torture is finally paying off, because Colin has finally learned to stop worrying and love the tummy time. Now, whenever he gets wriggly, we put him down on his quilt and he giggles and gurgles and thrashes about. He's even learning to crawl -- albeit backwards. I wonder what the childcare specialists recommend for that ...

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