July 6, 2009

Five months

-is five months old
-weighs 15 and 3/4 lbs.
-measures 25 inches
-is enjoying the Beatrix Potter books -- all 23 of them!
-is finally enjoying "tummy time"
-is growing in a new crop of dark brown hair
-still loves his toes above any other toy
-grabs at everything -- hair, glass, cups of coffee, shiny silver knives...
-had his first taste of cereal and loved it
-can sit up in his "command center" (i.e. his exersaucer) and punch all the buttons
-has become ticklish on his thighs and under his arms and chin
-flew on his first aeroplane
-was christened in the family church (and cried the whole time, poor boy)
-has developed a sense of humor, and has a repertory of "jokes" he shares with his mama and daddy

For veracity's sake, so you won't foolishly believe my prince is always smiling, laughing, and beautiful, I'll include those photos of Colin that I swept off the cutting room floor:

P.S. I apologize for these photos being so horribly dark, but, alas, this working mama can't be home to shoot when the light is more favorable.

1 comment:

Rachel Rev said...

I think the second to last photo is my favorite. That's a pout he can work.