May 20, 2009

Thank you, Amy and Andrew

Our friends Amy and Andrew are moving from Edmonton to Calgary this weekend, and boy, are we going to miss them! Amy was the first friend I made in Edmonton, and living here just won't be the same without her. Who will answer all of my random questions about dogs, babies, and gardening? Fortunately, Calgary is only three hours away, and after our inaugural trip this past weekend, we know it's a manageable trip -- even with a baby. And the good news is, that Amy and Andrew (and Susie, their Lab) are moving just a couple of blocks away from Kevin's Calgary relatives, so it will be even more convenient to see them whenever we do make it down to "Cow Town."

Until then, thank you, Amy and Andrew, for the cute outfit Colin is wearing in this photo. Thank you for the awesome elephant that is quickly becoming his favorite toy. Thank you for all those wonderful dinners and game nights and good advice. And thank you for being such great friends to us.

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