May 19, 2009

Cow Town

This past weekend, Kevin and I (and Colin and his Nan) took advantage of the May long-weekend to drive down to Calgary to visit Kevin's relatives. It was a raucous weekend of family and food and fun as only Jamaicans can do it. We stayed with Kevin's Aunt Peggy and Uncle John -- and their Doberman, Max. And we paid lots of visits to Peggy and John's daughter, Cathy. Cathy and her husband, , have two children: three-year-old Millie and a son, Matthew, who is just six weeks younger than Colin.

I never would have thought that we'd have so much family nearby. When we moved to Edmonton, it felt like the most remote place in the world. And, although, Calgary isn't exactly close and we couldn't expect to get down there more than a couple time a year, it's nice to know that we're not all alone out here in the Alberta prairies. I take comfort in knowing that even if we don't ever get to move back to Arkansas, Colin might still grow up surrounded by cousins.

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