March 18, 2009

New Moms

For the past few weeks Colin and I have been going to the "New Moms" group run by the nurses at our local health clinic. It's just another of the ingenious services (along with home visits by nurses and 24-hour phone assistance) that Canadian public health provides all new mothers -- and that America would do well to emulate.

So every Tuesday, I meet with eight other moms and their babies for presentations about childhood development and safety and nutrition and that sort of thing. But really, I go to chat with the other moms about the issues we've all been going through: lack of sleep, breastfeeding problems, childcare concerns, and the general awkwardness and inadequacy of being a first-time parent. And since Colin is the youngest baby in the group, I can glean all of the successful tactics from those who've gone before us.

Going to New Moms is also the only reason I have these days to get dressed and fix my hair and make-up and get out of the house -- and that's good for the public health, too.

(All photos care of New Mommy Lynn.)

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