December 21, 2008

The nursery is finished

Well, almost. I still need to create some whimsical art for the walls -- and do all those less-essential things like buy burp cloths and baby wipes -- but it's finally presentable, so I thought I should finally put up some pictures for all of you who have been asking for them and who have so generously contributed to its creation.

I'm particularly excited about the bookshelf, already stocked with many of our favorite books from childhood: Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss, etc. My mom has sent us a few treasured things from my childhood -- my wooden alligator on wheels, the dancing-clown piggy bank, a baby quilt and blanket -- to which Kevin and I have added our own vintage-y finds: a constellation nightlight in the shape of a ladybug, and a genuine sock monkey. I'm also thrilled to have finally found a place for the old gilded wooden crown that used to hang above my bed when I was a girl. It will now hang above the nursery mirror until our son is old enough to have it hanging over his bed.

I know that a baby doesn't really need any of these things (except maybe the burp cloths and baby wipes), and, in fact, I'm planning on him sleeping in our room, either in a bassinet or our bed, for the first couple of months. But I've had so much fun decorating his room and imagining the hours that he -- and we -- will pass in there, that it's really prepared me for his arrival more so than any of the parenting books or prenatal classes have. The nursery is also the only room in the whole house I've put much thought or time or money into decorating, and consequently, it is now my favorite room in the whole house. I plan on spending many quiet afternoons in there over the coming holiday, taking a nap, reading through our collection of children's books, and daydreaming and nesting.

On the left ...

In the center ... (What's that "c" for, you say? Yes, we have a name picked out, but, no, we're not telling.)

On the right ... (I'm really wishing I had a cool wide-angle lens on my digital camera about now.)

Does this sweater make me look fat?

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