December 9, 2008

Baby Beach at 33 weeks

Introducing Baby Boy Beach at 33 weeks! I went in for an ultrasound today because my doctor was worried that I was "measuring small," and come to find out (after losing many nights' sleep over this), we're just having a "small but not abnormally small baby." Well, I could have told you that. Kevin and I are both small people, so it is unlikely that we'd produce a future linebacker.

Anyway, I forgive my doctor for being cautious, and surely no first-time mother will complain about learning she's having a "small but not abnormally small" baby. But most of all, I'm excited to have one more sneak preview of our baby-to-be. In Canada, only second-trimester ultrasounds are covered by the universal health care system; third trimester ultrasounds are only administered at a doctor's request. And though the second-trimester ultrasound picture were pretty cool (we could see Baby Beach yawning and everything), at just 18 weeks, he still looked like a little alien. Baby Beach at 33 weeks looks like a real baby -- don't you think?

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