December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This was our first Christmas alone, without being surrounded by our many family and friends, and yet, so far, it has been a good one. We slept late (a first for me, as I have never outgrown the excitement of waking early on Christmas morning). I made my mom's homemade cinnamon roll recipe, and although they were not just like hers, they were good nonetheless. Both of us had second helpings (I even had an ill-advised a third). Then we opened the few little presents we got each other -- mostly stuff for the baby, and a few things for the dog and cat. Of course, like all pets -- and probably babies, too -- Remy and Fanny preferred rummaging through the ribbons and bows and Christmas paper.

This was also my first real White Christmas, and although it was -30 C outside, we took Remy on the obligatory afternoon walk. Afterwards, we all fell fast asleep again for hours and hours (-30 will really take it out of you). For our simple Christmas feast we roasted a chicken. There seemed no point in cooking a whole turkey for just two people, and as it is, he was such a big chicken that we'll have leftovers for days to come. Finally, to round off the night, we curled up in front of our blazing fire (OK, it was really just a decorative fireplace covered in candles) and read our new Christmas books. It was so unlike any Christmas I have spent before: no fancy Christmas Eve dinners, no midnight church services, no extended family for brunch on Christmas Day ... and yet, Kevin and I were perfectly contented. I think we've found
a pretty good recipe for our own Christmas traditions.

A scene from Christmas morning. And, no, Kevin is not offering Remy one of his homemade cinnamon rolls, rather, he is moving the plate away just in time ...

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