July 30, 2015


Last week, during a brief break in the intense heat and humidity we've been having, we got to spend some time in the cool, overcast, early morning hours getting all mucky with a bunch of friends out in the country. Oobleck-y to be precise. 

Oobleck is, of course, the wonderful Dr. Suess book that has been the boys' bedtime favorite for a long time, no doubt because the book is so damn long. Or maybe because the idea of oobleck is just so cool. Turns out you can make some yourself—in real life! According to my physicist husband it is a non-Newtonian liquid, which means has some unexpected properties: it behaves like a solid in that you can stand on it, but it behaves like a slimy liquid when you dribble it slowly

Well, one mama friend who is far more creative and tolerant than I, got the brilliant idea of make not just a bowl full of the stuff, but a kiddie-size pool full using 50 pounds of cornstarch. The result was just brilliant...

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