August 18, 2014

One Last Time: The Royal Alberta Museum

Although we left Alberta more than six weeks ago, I am just now getting around to editing the photos I took just before I left. There was a flurry of activity those final few weeks, as we attempted to pack and move to a new country—all with three little children underfoot!

But one of the things I made sure to leave time for was visiting some of our favorite things, one last time. So here they are, beginning with the Royal Alberta Museum.

What I love about it: The dioramas. Obviously. I think they've got outta fashion in the museum world, but they shouldn't. They are so beautiful and informative. And my children just love them. The rest of the museum is pretty great, too. Colin is a fan of the dinosaurs and the gemstones. Archer prefers the birds and butterflies. I really dig the First Nations Peoples exhibit and the collection of bird eggs arranged by size. But by far my favorite is a dusty old exhibit featuring a "scene" from inside the study of a 19th century naturalist. It's full of mahogany furniture, dusty books and fire screens, and odds and ends collected from nature. I remember when I first moved to Edmonton, and I was so depressed, I used to come to this museum and look into that old study and imagine I lived there. And I was happy. And I still am, every time I look at it.

Colin hugs his hadrosaur goodbye.

Archer listening to the backyard birdsong. You have to get in real close...

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