June 23, 2014

The Boys' Room

Colin and Archer's bedroom is being featured today on Apartment Therapy—one of my all-time favourite blogs! Head on over to check out the post, or scroll down for even more pictures and inspiration.

Seeing these photos of their "peaceful, playful" bedroom again today really warms my heart. At the moment their room is packed up in boxes and the rest of my house is in utter chaos as we prepare for our big move to Mississippi next week. As someone for whom a home is a haven, having a house in disarray puts me in a terrible funk. But looking at these pictures is a balm to my soul. So, for the rest of the week, I'll be posting photos of every room in our house—as it was before it went into boxes.

But first, I want to add one very important detail I forgot to mention about this room on the AT profile. This room has served many, many functions since we moved into this house six years ago. It has been a storage room and a study, a birth room and a playroom, an art studio and a birth room again, before becoming their shared bedroom last summer. I think it rather special that Archer sleeps in the room he was born in—and where his little sister was born almost exactly one year ago. So I will be especially sorry to leave it next week—this tiny little room so full of beautiful memories!


Melissa Monette said...

This room is gorgeous!

I was wondering where you got the soft dolls from.

Sarah said...

Hi, Melissa! The brunette doll is from Nova Naturals (online). The blond boy doll I made myself from a pattern called "Joy's Waldorf Dolls: Honey Doll," which you can find through the website A Child's Dream Come True.
If you're referring to that rad brown monster doll, he was handmade by a woman who used to sell toys at my local farmer's market. But, sadly, she's no longer in business.