June 3, 2014

Aspen and its Environs...

This past weekend we explored more of Aspen and the surrounding area. We're visiting during the off-season, when the gondola up to the top of the mountains only runs on weekends. So as soon as it opened on Saturday, we piled in and headed up, up, up.

About halfway up I realized why I never took up downhill skiing. I *hate* heights. I am a lowlander, after all: born and raised in lower Arkansas, which is flat as a pancake and barely above sea-level. Riding in wobbly little bubbles up the side of mountains is not for me, much less flying down them strapped to nothing but a couple of flimsy little sticks! The rest of the family loved it, though. And I will attest that the view from the top was gorgeous. I daresay, the hills were alive with the sound of music...

However, for the rest of the weekend, I insisted that we enjoy the mountain views from the ground.  The view from there was equally good, especially out at Maroon Bells, which is part of the White River National Park and boasts some postcard-worthy scenery. We also caught a glimpse of some mule deer, some Canada Geese, and even a brown bear! But don't worry, the bear was halfway up the mountain and we were safely in our car.

Still, knowing that there is some serious wildlife that close to the trails makes me think about keeping the boys on a tighter leash when we are out exploring. They have grown so bold and adventurous during our visit here, that I can barely keep track of them.

Ten bucks if you can spot Archer in this last shot!

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