May 13, 2014

One Last Time: The Calgary Zoo

Since we are leaving Edmonton soon—and likely forever—there are so many things I have wanted to do with the kids one last time. So I thought I would start a little series (ambitious, I know, since I am supposed to be packing to move!) of all the things we love about Edmonton that we have loved about living here.

First up, is the Calgary Zoo! Technically, it's not in Edmonton, but it is one of our very favourite things about Alberta, and we visit at least once a year when we are in town to visit Kevin's cousins or on business at the American Consulate there. This past weekend, it was both. Yet, we also managed to squeeze in two trips to the zoo in two days since it really is too big to do all in one day, and, more importantly, I just love it so much and will really miss it.

So one last time: The Calgary Zoo!

This hardly shows the breadth of the zoo, but I ran out of steam for photographing after we got through the "Canada Wilds" and "Prehistoric" exhibits, and that was just on the first day! There are also elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, hippopotamuses (hippopotami?), and my favourite—the gorillas.  And a butterfly house, and bird house, and oh, so much more! Can you tell I am really going to miss it?

And of course, there are our cousins, too, who I will miss even more.  This was the only photo I managed to snap of them: one crying, two conspiring, one picking at toe jam, and one about to fall off the couch!

I'm really going to miss these guys...

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