May 10, 2014

Archer is Three!

My sweet Archer is three! And he is such a little ray of sunshine that the only fitting birthday party for him was a rainbow one (again). After all, his favourite colour is "all of them." I love this guy!

We pulled out the rainbow tablecloth, the rainbow wrapping paper, and, of course, I made my wonderfully awful "rainbow cake." Colin picked out the rainbow candles and, for the first time, chose  a gift for his little brother: three "LEGO dudes." (Just what Colin—I mean—Archer wanted, I'm sure!)

My parents sent a pair of wooden soldiers with swords and shields for fighting (he's kinda into that right now). And Kevin's parents provided for a new spring wardrobe. This was a special request from me, since I am tired of dressing Archer in his big brother's hand-me-downs. After all, they are such different people, and what was flattering on Colin does not necessarily flatter Archer. I thought three was old enough to finally get to dress in a way that really suits him.

Finally, Kevin and I wrote our birthday letters to Archer on his special green stationary and mailed them with Superman stamps, since he's really into Superman right now as well. And I presented Archer with a special mama-made doll, but more on that later. Suffice it to say, the doll was also sporting a mama-made rainbow sweater!

After cake and presents, we went down to the basement for a family dance party. Five minutes into "Thriller," Archer was already down for the count. It was only 5:00 p.m. I guess it was a good birthday.

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