January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Reading my friends' New Years posts on Facebook this morning made me stop and hold my breath for a minute. But then I remembered that while I didn't buy a house, earn a degree, start a business (or two), I still feel a great sense of accomplishment looking back on 2013. I had a beautiful baby girl, and I managed to keep her and her big brothers growing and thriving. It doesn't sound like muck, but frankly the effort it takes to pull that off feels pretty monumental most days, and lord knows I couldn't do it without the best partner in the world. So tonight I'll be raising my glass to Virginia, and Archer, and Colin, and most especially to Kevin.

Oh, and I also published a few articles: here, herehere and here, several more that were in other magazines in print only, and a couple more due out soon. So there was that, too. But mainly, it was the kids.

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