June 28, 2013

Graduation Day

Colin graduated from preschool yesterday, and the class held a special graduation ceremony for all the kids who are leaving the centre today and starting kindergarden next year. Of course, Colin is the youngest and smallest of the group, and even though they had practiced and practiced for weeks, he still spent the entirety of the ceremony cutting up and being a clown. We might need two years of kindergarden, I think...

In any case, we were glad to be there with him on this special day—Mae Mae, too—although I think we all had hoped to be at home with a new baby by now.

Colin may be my biggest boy, but it seems only yesterday he was just being born. Goodness, what a crash course in parenting we got with him! Perhaps it's because he is our oldest, or perhaps it's because of his unique personality, but Kevin and I always feel we are playing "catch-up" with him when it comes to our parenting. As soon as we overcome one hurdle, he is well over the next. I kinda feel like we deserve a diploma, too!

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