February 28, 2013

Game On

For the past few month my big boy has been obsessed with boardgames. In fact, for his fourth birthday, that's all he wanted—and he got four of them, of course! 

Now, every night after we put Archer to bed, Colin, Kevin and I stay up and play a boardgame for at least half an hour. Some nights I am so tired (even though it's only 8:00 p.m.), that I can't imagine playing yet another round of Busytown, but Colin loves it so that I just can't say no. (Even if I have to lie on the couch and have him "spin" for me.)

I also love what he's learning through the games: how to follow the rules, how to develop a strategy, how to win—and lose—graciously. There are often a lot of tears when the game doesn't go his way. He is four after all. But he also surprises me with his empathy and generosity. He will often give Kevin or me a hug when we face a setback in the game and say, "It's OK. You'll do better next time." These are not qualities I saw in my biggest boy when he was three.

Yes, we are learning and growing all the time!

What are your favourite boardgames for little kids?

Here's a sample of ours:

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