September 13, 2012

Good "country food"

One of the first things you'll notice visiting the far North is that they take their food seriously here: Caribou, muktuk (whale blubber), seal, wild goose.  I've even heard of fermented walrus stomach, which takes on a pale green colour!

The Inuit refer to their traditional cuisine "country food,"and it's not just some quaint holdover from an earlier era. It's very much a living tradition and, for some people, it makes up a substantial portion of their regular diet. Almost all of the locals I've spoken to talk about how important it is for them to get out "on the Land" during the summer to hunt and fish as much as possible.

Last night, I got to have my first taste of it: roasted caribou thigh and banak (a hard biscuit common across the Native peoples of Canada) and a couple of other things more recognizable down south (potatoes, broccoli, salad). And, boy, was it good!

I'm not quite up to tasting fermented walrus stomach, but I'm hoping there's more "country food" on the menu tomorrow night...

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