May 24, 2012

To the Gulf and Back

Last week we headed down to the Gulf of Mexico--St. George Island, to be precise--with Mae Mae and Pops for a week of much-needed R&R before I head back to work. Of course, with two little boys in tow, there was a lot less R&R than in previous years. Gone, I guess, are the days when I can while away the hours on the beach with a book, or ride my bike into Apalachicola to photograph the oystermen. (Or drink late into the night on the island's bar.)

This year presented new adventures, though, as it was the first time Colin and Archer have gone with us. I was so excited to introduce them to my beloved island: hunting for seashells on the beach, watching the dolphins make their daily pilgrimage up the coast, and gazing at the stars during the new moon. However, they weren't quite up to all the adventures I threw their way.

Although they loved playing in the sand, both were terrified of the waves and would only consent to being carried into the water for a few minutes at a time. On several occasions Colin even demanded that we take him back to the beach house where he could "lie on the couch and read books," he said. Oh, my little Proustian son, what am I to do with you?!

Still, the weather was gorgeous, the shellfish were delicious, and I soaked up enough sun to see me through another year in the frozen North. I am already planning our trip for next year. But next year, I think I'll have to go for two weeks ... and bring a babysitter.

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Erin said...

These are all so great maybe you don't need to see mine..... ;o) Glad you got some good sunny ones, makes me feel better. I bet you got lots of greats!