May 8, 2012

In the Garden. At last.

Today we were blessed with a rare event here in northern Canada: a warm and sunny day ... in May. And to celebrate this rarity, the boys and I spent the entire day outside: playing, picnicking, and trying to get a jump start on the gardening.

Unlike in the past, this year Colin is showing some real enthusiasm for the out-of-doors. As is his nature, he flitted from one activity to the other, watering my plants, riding his tricycle, mowing the grass, collecting bugs, and providing a running commentary on his activities the entire time. We must have been outside for two whole hours before he started begging to go back in and "sit on the couch and read books." That is possibly the longest he has ever spent outside, at least willingly.

But Archer ... boy, Archer must have inherited his grandmother's green thumb! I have never seen him so in his element as he was "weeding" and "planting" in my vegetable beds. He must have spent a solid hour in there, digging away intently all by himself--and yes, eating a little dirt.

I just wish I had thought to open those seed packets. My vegetables would have be planted already! But that's OK. There's always tomorrow. And the forecast for Tuesday is sunny and warm.

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