April 6, 2012

(Good) Friday Craftiness: Painted Easter Eggs

I know I've posted about this before, but it's such a great craft for little hands that I had to post about it again. Last year, instead of dying eggs for Easter, we bought wooden eggs and painted them. And it was such a hit with Colin that this year we bought another dozen and painted them, too. (Because, really, when you have two kids you need at least two dozen eggs). 

You can find the wooden eggs at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or other craft stores, and all you have to do is spray them with a little Kilzn before decorating them with your choice of acrylic craft paint. A word to the wise, though: if you plan to try this at home, leave several hours of drying time between each layer of paint, otherwise you'll wind up with a goopy, gray mess!

One of the sweet surprises to come out of the project this year is that Colin has taken to building nests for the eggs and sitting on them "so they'll hatch." (Can you tell we've been reading Make Way for Ducklings a lot lately?)

Now, if only this infernal snow would melt by Sunday so that we can go outside and hunt for eggs. But I've never seen a snow-free Easter yet in Edmonton, so I'm not holding my breath. At least if we wind up having our Easter egg hunt in the living room again this year, we've got wooden eggs.

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