December 18, 2011

Remember when ...

Until Colin was about two years old he was a terrible sleeper. Even after he gave up night nursing, he'd still wake up several times during the night and would only go back to sleep if Kevin or I (but mostly Kevin) would walk him around his room singing to him.

Colin has been sleeping through the night--and in his own bed!--for almost a year now, but tonight after Kevin put him to bed, he got up, knocked on our door, and said to Kevin, "Daddy, sing me that song about mamas crying."

I was a little baffled by this request, but Kevin knew just what he meant. Apparently, lacking a repertoire of lullabies, Kevin used to sing him "In the Ghetto," that wonderfully maudlin Elvis ballad, which had been one of my old karaoke stand-bys in our younger, more carefree days. Being about boys who grow up to commit armed robbery and are subsequently murdered by the police, it is not at all an appropriate bedtime song, but it does have that catchy refrain, "And his mama cries ...".

It had been a year at least since Kevin had sung him to sleep, yet Colin still remembered the tune. It is both heartening (and a little bit frightening) that just shy of three Colin already has such a keen memory.I wonder, though, what he will make of this particular memory when he is older.

In any case, I think it's time I taught Kevin the lyrics to some proper lullabies ...

What are your favourite bedtime tunes?


Kat said...

Baby Mine (from Dumbo) is my all time favorite.
Edelviess (sp.?? from Sound of Music)
When you Wish Upon a star (Pinocchio)
You're not Sleepy (Mary Poppins)
I'll Be Home for Christmas
White Christmas
Hushabye Mountain (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
Feed the Birds (Mary Poppins)

though the only song my mother ever sang was You are My Sunshine and the Peter Cottontail song

Sarah said...

You wouldn't be a Disney fan, would you? ;)

It's funny, "Edelweiss," "Feed the Birds," and "You Are My Sunshine," are also some of my favourite lullabies that I sing the boys.

But the song on highest rotation by far is "Hush Little Baby," I must sing it half a dozen times a day.

My new favourite, though, is "Tender Shepherd" from the musical "Peter Pan." For some reason it always makes me tear up...