October 13, 2011

A Room of One's Own

We leave for Little Rock in less than 24 hours, and what am I doing? Not packing or washing another load of laundry. And I'm certainly not sleeping. Nope, I'm doing some last-minute marathon sewing. (Is there any other kind really?)

With the nice three-day weekend we just had I finally convinced Kevin to help me set up the basement--the one that flooded over the summer. What used to be our playroom is now my sewing, crafting, reading room. And the playroom's permanent home is what used to be mine. 

It's not as nice as my old space. It's in the basement, after all, so there's no natural light. And in my opinion basements were meant for hobbits, not people. But its got an enormous desk, a wall of books, my mom's old sewing machine, and my old computer (so that I can watch movies into the wee hours while I work).

It's not much, but it's all that I need: A room of my very own.

Well, almost my very own. Sometimes Colin likes to join me down there and "help."

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