September 13, 2011

Some days ...

Most days I wake up to a cooing infant and a toddler who wants to give me a "big hug and kiss."

But some days I wake up to a screaming, thrashing, teething infant and a toddler who yells, "You go away, Mama, I want Daddy."

Some days the workers show up unexpectedly to jackhammer my foundation.

And some days the jackhammering lasts all day.

Some days someone never makes it to the potty on time. (I'm not naming names here.)

Some days I spank my child for hitting me on the head even though I know that's counter-productive and I promised myself I'd never do that.

Some days I need a beer before two o'clock.

Some days are just like that I guess.


Rachel said...

Oh, my friend, let me know if you need me to make a beer run. I trust I'll be needing you to remind me of those somedays in not too long now.

Katie Parson said...

Anyone who has been in your shoes understands and feels your pain! This too shall pass. It DOES get easier!....and yet harder in some ways too. Parenting = the greatest adventure! You are doing great. Really. You are a good mamma.

Vicky said...

Stay strong some days are just sent to test us. And I'd blame those pre-2 o'clock beers on you not making it to the potty. lol! xx