August 1, 2011

We get by with a little help from our friends

Whew! I just made it through my first-ever stint as a "single parent" to two children, and I'm pleased to say we all survived--well, maybe not my parents, who flew up to help out. They went home last Friday a little worse for the wear I fear, and I'm sure they were saying all the way back to Arkansas, "I'm so glad we don't have little kids anymore!"

With Kevin in France and Italy for "work" for the past two weeks, my mom came and took over the dishes, the laundry and the dog-walking, and my dad helped tend to the incessant demands of the two year old. They both mowed my lawn. It wasn't a trip to France or Italy but it was almost like a vacation for me. Almost ...


Rachael said...

Wow! That's so, so sweet of your family to do that for you! Congrats for surviving your first single-parent experience.

Vicky said...

Well done you.
I'm sure your parents will never admit to you if they were glad they don't have little kids anymore! Apparently thats the beauty of grandkids, you get to give them back. lol.