August 30, 2011

The End of a Season

Took the boys on a walk "in the woods" today--a beautiful wooded trail down by the river. It was a big adventure for Colin, as he's never been "to the forest," as he calls it. (I guess he doesn't remember last year's trip to Jasper.) We talked about all the things we saw: the river and the boat house, the ducks and the squirrels. Everything was new to him, and it was exciting for me to see all these things anew through his eyes.

There was a real chill in the air, though, and of course I didn't bring Colin's jacket. Why would I? It's August--the middle of summer, where I'm from. But about half an hour into our walk Colin complained about it being cold, so we turned around to go home. And then he pointed to something at about eye level. "What's that, Mama?" It took me a minute to realize what he was pointing to: a bough of yellow leaves in a forest full of green ones.

I guess summer's really over. But as much as I'll miss it, it's kind of exciting when seen through his eyes.

Have the leaves started to turn where you are?

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