July 20, 2011

Seven Things

I was recently tagged in a post from Vicky over at Coffee and Milkies for one of those "Seven Things" lists (thanks for the shout out, Vicky!). OK, "recently" as in a week ago now. I've been meaning to repost every day since then, but life keeps getting in the way: flooding, absent husbands, arriving mothers, and lots and lots of workmen who only show up at nap time and proceed to track mud all over the house I just finished cleaning. Nonetheless, thank God for them all!

But I love the idea of this post, since so many of the bloggers I read rarely write about themselves. I mean, they write endlessly about their families, their hobbies, their little corners of the world, but never directly about themselves. And they almost never post pictures of themselves so I have very little idea what any of my favourite bloggers really look like. So I wanted take the opportunity to be as self-focused as possible. (Funny since blogging is an inherently narcissistic endeavour.)

Anyway, finally--after the workmen have left, the house has been tidied, the groceries bought, and everyone else has gone to bed (even the dog and the cat)--here are "Seven (random) Things" about me:

1) I used to want to be a photo journalist, but then I learned how little money they make, so I decided to become a writer instead. (Lol!)

Writing in the old apartment in Boston. Don't I make it look glamourous?

2) I am inordinately fond of chickens. When we moved to Edmonton, I ordered a few hens for the backyard, only to cancel a few weeks later when calmer heads prevailed. (That head would belong to Kevin.) And thank goodness! I have enough creatures to care for at the moment. Although, I still hope that one day we'll live in a more southern clime, where keeping chickens would not be so much trouble. I have no interest in schlepping out in the snow in minus-30 temperatures to scrape the poop off the coop walls.

3) My two best girlfriends are also named Sarah. (What can I say? Sarah's are awesome!) And I cannot wait to travel State-side next month to hang with them both at the wedding of our other best friend, Shannon, whom we love ... even though she's not a Sarah.

Sarah, Me, Sarah and Shannon. Those were the days!

4) Despite my many posts about cooking, I actually hate to cook. But I like to eat, so if I want to eat well, I have to spend a lot of time cooking. I would give it all up, though--and gladly--if I could afford to hire a personal chef.

I'll cook if I have to, but I'd rather be served. In an outdoor cafe. In Paris.

5) Also, despite my long-winded posts about books, I'm currently thinking of getting rid of about half of my library to make more space in our tiny house for a playroom. So this is what it comes to, huh? Parenthood finally beats you down until you get rid of your old hobbies to make way for more Lego ...

I think it took me about six months to read this book--and that was when I just had one kid. To be fair, it was a really loooong book.

6) I think I'm developing a bit of a textiles addiction. I peruse the Fabricworm website about once a day. I'm starting to dream in fabric swatches.

7) If I had my career to do over again, I think I would become a gardener. Not a landscape architect, by just a regular old gardener on an estate or at an historic site somewhere where I can get my hands dirty. Alternately, I think I'd become a midwife. They get their hands pretty dirty, too.

What are "Seven Things" about you?

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Your post made me laugh. Great to learn more about you.
However I'm going the other way, I want to steal my childrens playroom to turn it into a sewing room... maybe after 4 kids you become selfish again!