July 6, 2011

I (Heart) This Boy

A recent conversation overheard between Colin and his daddy ...

Colin: "Does Colin have heartbeat?"

Kevin: "Yes, Colin, you have a heartbeat, right here." (Kevin points to the left side of Colin's chest.)

Colin: "Does Daddy have heartbeat?"

Kevin: "Yes, I have a heartbeat."

Colin: "Does girls have heartbeat?"

Kevin: Yes, girls have a heartbeat.

Colin: "Does Urmila have hearbeat?" (Urmila was one of Colin's favourite caregivers at his daycare.)

Kevin: "Yes, Urmila is a girl. She has a heartbeat."

Colin: "Does Fanny have heartbeat?" (Fanny is the cat.)

Kevin: "Yes, Fanny has a heartbeat." Colin pauses for a long moment and looks up to Kevin with concern.

Colin: "... Does Mama have heartbeat?"

I'm glad to know that in Colin's taxonomy I fall somewhere between girls and cats.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that boy is awfully close to figuring out that you're mortal.

If you want, you can tell him that his friends, R&C, recently saw a heart beating at around 175 bpm. :) We weren't going to say anything for a few more weeks, but since Colin is so interested in heartbeats...

Rachael said...

oooh! So cute! I love it! I'm so glad you're documenting this adorableness too because those little gems can slip away so fast if you don't write them down.

Vicky said...

Bless. x

Vicky said...

I've tagged you an award