July 27, 2011

An Announcement

Right about now, many of you are receiving Archer's birth announcement. Yes, I know, he was born nearly three months ago, but they call it "snail mail" for a reason.

Actually, the announcements were held up by a poorly timed postal strike, by the fact that I have a newborn in the house (and precious little time to myself), and because I wanted to send out actual letterpress birth announcements. I know it probably seems a little old-fashioned. After all, you all already knew the details of his birth and have seen countless photos of him, but, to me, sending out an email announcement or even posting on this blog just seem so ephemeral. There is something so much more permanent about an announcement that is delivered through the mail. Not to mention something much more beautiful! I just love the pebbly grain of expensive paper and the artistry and precision of letterpress printing.

These announcements were lovingly printed by my dear friend Jesse Marsolais at the Firefly Press in Boston, and he could not have conceived of a more appropriate way to announce the birth of our Archer. Jesse also printed Colin's birth announcement, and over the years has kept me in exquisite personal stationary. Unfortunately, I'm not finding much time these days to put pen to paper, but hopefully that will change in a few months once Archer is a little more independent. And when I do, there is certainly a lot for me to write home about ...

P.S. Check out Jesse at work on the press in a cool video on Firefly's website. I just love having such talented, artistic friends! Now, if someone would take up painting, I can finally decorate my bare walls ...


Janelle said...

I love that you send out birth announcements in the mail. And gorgeous ones at that! I still have the one from when Colin was born.

I recently ordered supplies to make a photo album as a wedding gift for a friend and spent way too much time on the Paper-Source website designing my dream custom letterpress stationery. One day it will be mine!

Congratulations to you and Kevin on such a wonderful addition to your family! I miss you and love you both!

Vicky said...

Very beautiful cards.
You are so much more thoughtful than me. I just let my mum phone round to let everyone know! lol. xx