April 1, 2011


Perhaps it was the sunshine, or the prenatal massage, or the Friday night outing to a concert with a good friend, but, whatever the reason, this weekend has totally rejuvenated me. The last few weeks here have been pretty brutal. I've had an avalanche of deadlines at work, coupled with third-trimester exhaustion, and to make matters worse, we've had two full weeks without sunshine. Despite my earlier boasting that I've been handling this awful winter pretty well, it was finally starting to get to me. After all, it was the end of March, and we were still up to our eyeballs in snow.

But then April arrived--the most wonderful month as far as I'm concerned. It's the month in which my mom, my grandmother, my best friend and I were all born, and perhaps this new baby will be an April baby as well. And in Arkansas, April is the month that spring starts bursting out all over with irises and sometimes even roses. Now, irises and roses are still a long way off here in Edmonton, but, this past Friday, April still arrived--and it brought with it the most gloriously brilliant day of sunshine I have seen in months. Within hours it seemed as if half our snow had already melted. TGIF. Just TGIF.

A few scenes from our weekend:

Crunching the ice under our golashes.

Pancakes taste better when Daddy makes them--and when there are a few spring bulbs to decorate the table.

Do more painting!

A little spring colour inside--even if it's still white and brown outside.

Colin loves cooking almost as much as he loves painting...

... too bad it's even messier!


Vicky said...

Yea for melting snow!
Boo for 3rd trimester exhaustion!
I'm also struggling with it at the mo', I have a to do list as long as my arm but no energy. Baby needs to realise that I will let it relax from the 1st of May onwards, until then it needs to let me keep going.

Sarah said...

That is so true, Vicky! I've been running myself ragged for the past month trying to "get stuff done," with the intention of taking it easy from April 15th until the birth. So far, the baby has not been cooperating...