March 1, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I know this may sound crazy, considering how long and hard our winter here in Edmonton has been, but it's been snowing all week and I couldn't be happier. Softly snowing, mind you. A hard snow is still a disaster no matter which way you look at it. But the five centimetres we've been getting every day this week isn't so bad, and it has the wonderful benefit of covering up all the dirt and muck and ice that has accumulated since our last big snowfall in January.

The thing that people from warmer climes--like Arkansas--don't understand about snow is that in really cold places, the snow you get in December sticks around until May, and over the course of those six months it gets really dirty, and ugly, and full of trash. There's no such thing as a winter wonderland four months into your winter here. So little snowfalls like the ones we've had this week make everything look all fresh and white and clean, and I, for one, just love it.

I still hate winter, mind you, but much to my surprise, I'm taking this particularly wretched winter in stride. (Perhaps it was because of that glorious December we spent in the sun.) My new strategy for dealing with the weather is just to hole up like a bear in my den. I used to try to go about my regular schedule despite the snow, but it's just so much work to put on all my winter gear, get out there and shovel out the car, plug in the engine, and navigate the icy roads--especially now that I'm eight months pregnant and lumbering around like a heavy bear anyway.

Spending my weekends holed up at home has had its benefits. Rather than exhaust myself trying to schlep out to the farmers' market or go to the swimming pool or the bookstore or the grocery store, I hang out with Colin at home, and we do little things, like paint or colour or make cupcakes or (even better) just relax. We're spending less money and more time doing things that make us rested and content--rather than frazzled, exhausted and cross.

Staying in has been a particular blessing this weekend since Kevin's been out of town for work and this single-working-parent gig has really run me ragged. Today, Colin spent the morning playing with puzzles and his piggy bank and his cars and trucks, and I spent it sitting in my rocking chair, listening to Debussy and watching the snow fall outside--and not giving a damn about a thing. Except hoping that the snow doesn't prevent Kevin from flying home to us today. I'm really ready to have him back. Otherwise, I say, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

After a few months of regular snow fall that snow is high! It would swallow Colin right up with we didn't shovel out paths for him.

One of the ubiquitous white rabbits that hop around town all winter. For my part, I prefer to hibernate through the season.


Rachel said...

I agree. We need the light snow to cover up the ugliness of four months of trampled sludge. We are hibernating this weekend, too. Though tonight we are going to Kerstin's Chocolates 3rd anniversary party. Yum.

Vicky said...

That is a lot of snow.
I couldn't imagine coping with that much. This country comes to a standstill with just a flurry!