December 13, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Today we ventured into town to explore the Old Mission, established in 1786. I can imagine that back then it was a pretty primitive place, but today it is a tranquil oasis in the middle of a hot and bustling city. (I think it reached 85 degrees today!). It was also a good place to take an energetic little boy. Turns out that hacienda-style architecture and interior courtyard is the perfect place to let Colin loose to walk or run or push is stroller around and around. He can't run out into the on-coming traffic in a walled garden, now can he?

God's advice to monks? Whoever said it, it was good advice.

Yep, those are roses ... in December.

The only problem with our little outing was that halfway through it Kevin pulled out his back. What are the odds? Two weeks ago, I did the same thing, and was laid up in bed for almost a week. Actually, given the fact that we are the parents to a very energetic almost-two-year-old, it is perhaps not so surprising that we both have had the same injuries back-to-back, so to speak. I think Colin's got the odds stacked against us.

A hundred-year-old fig tree. Unbelievable!

Mama's little angel.

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